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Deviantart: Cute Wallpapers

I have a long-standing relationship with Deviantart. I don’t even really remember why I joined it in the first place but over the years I added lots of art and met a lot of really awesome people. There was a while there where I had a subscription and took it very seriously. I never got any DD’s (Daily Deviations, a really high honor) because, frankly, my art wasn’t that great compared to everyone…

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September Giveaway

It’s that time of the month again… the time where we do a giveaway! Last month Carole from Quebec won the $20 Walmart gift card. For now, we are going to just give out another gift card so the winner can just pick whatever gift s/he wishes. In the future we will give out cute packs of goodies for some of our giveaways.

So, without further ado, here is the September giveaway!

$20 Target gift card giveaway!

a Rafflecopter…

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Pixel Art and Mimi

Pixel Art and Mimi

I absolutely love pixel art. It all started with MS-DOS, back in the day, when my dad got us a computer and I would play games on it. As the years progressed into NES gaming and then into SNES gaming (in my opinion, the pinnacle of pixel art in gaming!), my love for pixel art only grew.

When I first made pixel art, I didn’t know that’s what I was doing. I was a Sailor Moon fanatic (more to come…

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Japanese Emoji

What is a Japanese Emoji you ask? Good question. Those of us who grew up fascinated with the Japanese culture and computers might scoff, but more commonly I’ve found people don’t know what they are and when they see them, they don’t understand what they are seeing. I’m talking about the purely text version, not necessarily the images.

First, let’s start off with the definition of an emoji:


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Final Fantasy Inspired Outfits

Final Fantasy Inspired Outfits

I was randomly blog hopping the other day and came across a website I’ve never seen before. I was casually looking through the index page of blog posts and a headline grabbed me: “FINAL FANTASY IX: VIVI INSPIRED OUTFIT”. I was like whatttt?? Curious, I clicked. It was fantastic!! I love fashion immensely and I also love video games (specifically RPGs) immensely so this was GENIUS to me!! Upon…

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